Rreview: HARD No. 9 – “Caps Demo” (DIY)

Hard No. 9 is a rock band from Worcester, MA. Good, old, bluesy rock ‘n roll. When I popped this demo in, it reminded me of something I would listen to while having a mid summer BBQ surrounded by good friends and doing copious amounts of drinking, which I’m sure is part of their intention given not only the band name, but the song name “Another Shot (of Whiskey).”

I do listen to a lot of rock, but not normally this style of it, so I’m gonna do my best in reviewing a style that I haven’t put much thought into. I’m clearly hearing a large blues influence, mixed with southern rock. It’s definitely music that would draw in the drinking crowd in no time. Excellent musicianship, and very steady song structures that keep you interested and wanting to hear more.

The production is excellent, and you can very clearly hear every instrument. The guitars have a nice, dirty distortion tone which is perfect for the style, and the leads stand out just enough to let you know they’re not just here to play simple rhythms. The bass and drums work perfectly together, laying down perfect rhythms for the guitarists to have their fun over. The only thing I’m not exactly big on is the vocals. You can definitely tell he has put in some hard work to get the voice he has now, I’m just not a particular fan of the sound he seems to be going for.

As I stated before, this isn’t normally what I listen to, so that makes it a bit more difficult to write a good, detailed review like the others I have posted as of yet, but this shouldn’t stop you from giving it a spin. The sound they are going for is definitely a style that attracts attention from mainstream radio stations across the world along with high end record labels, which helped them grab the attention of Capitol Records at a showcase they played back in August. If the boys keep it up, they may be in for a bright future. Music for fans of good ol’ rock ‘n roll that gives you a perfect excuse to drink, or keep drinking.

RATING:  8 / 10
By: Greg Mann


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