How can I get my band on a show?
Email booking[at]nefariousrealm.com, make sure to include contact information and a link to your bands music, your band will then be reviewed. If we have an opening that your band will fit on, we will contact you. Also, check the Booking page for more details.

In what area to you put on shows?

My band is located out of state and going on tour, can you put us on a show in your area?
In most cases yes as long as it is planned well in advance and NRP is available to host a show.

Do bands that play your shows have to ‘pay to play’

I have a EP/full length, how do I get it reviewed?
Email music[at]nefariousrealm.com the download link to your release. Make sure you include a track listing, cover art, andany prominent information. NRP will not chase your band for files and/or information, nor will we download each song individually from your several song release. TIP: Compress all files into one file and host the zip file on MediaFire or a similar service.

We try to cover all submissions so please be patient.

How do I get my band promoted?
Email info[at]nefariousrealm.com a press release detailing what you have going on. If you do not have a label or PR company behind your band, no worries, just try your best. Send all prominent information and links! We will do our best to make a post or acknowledge your effort.