Review: ABNORMALITY – “The Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivion” (DIY)

Abnormality is a death metal band from Marlborough, MA whom, to say the least, is just full of surprises. Not only does the music have many twists and turns that work in a beautiful, technical manner, but they have a female vocalist whom I can honestly say kicks the shit out of many male death metal vocalists out there. The Collective Calm in Mortal Oblivion is nothing short of intense. It’s fast, it’s heavy, it’s angry, and it’s very aggressive. It’s albums like this that remind me just why I love death metal.

The album starts out with a weird riff sounding like it was recorded in 8 bit, then kicks right in with a ridiculously heavy opening riff to the title track, which is full of everything you’d expect: lots of blast beats, fast riffs, and even faster double kick. The next two songs, titled “Hatred Relentless” and “Zealotry” both go by fast, reason being because this demo almost does not let up at all. The mini-solo on “Zealotry” brings
out a bit of a break from speed although there’s still that hammering double kick beneath everything, and then they continue with the aggression until the very end.The production is very clean, but still has a little bit of that raw, brutal sound that makes death metal what it is. It’s not an overproduced, over-edited sound that plagues most of today’s modern metal, yet everything can be heard clearly and every note is easily distinguished.

I have always been a fan of Abnormality since I first ever heard them, and in my opinion this is their best offering yet. It’s no wonder to me why this band is one of the more well-known death metal acts in the New England metal scene. My only complaint with this album is that it is not long enough. The three songs offered are a frenzy of intense death metal that just leaves the listener beggin’ for more, and we can only hope that there is a full length on the way. In the mean time, check them out on Myspace or Facebook, buy this demo, and do what you do to help keep bands like this alive and strong.

RATING:  10 / 10
By: Greg Mann