Review: Humanity Falls – “Ordaining The Apocalypse” (The Path Less Traveled Records)

As evidenced by the healthy amount of bands sprouting up left and right, my hometown of New York City is not short on talent or love or all things metal. With a taste for all things grind, technical and blasphemous HUMAITY FALLS is out on tour behind their recently released new record. Having had a few releases and lineup changes over the last few years, they have refined their sound and sharpened their musical axe into a new fine edge. Although they haven’t tried to conquer much new ground stylistically since forming this release sees a clear leap forward in talent and skills compared with their early days.

Firing off the opening salvo of “No Room for Ingenuity” finds the band pushing the boundaries of death, grindcore and weirdness. Guitarist Ammo’s string shredding riffs and random musical twists and turns are a force to be reckoned with. Equally impressive is drummer Ed Bednarek’s crazy fast hands and double kick work. The first song alone shifts tempos and genres constantly, but not so much that they lose the song. This is all topped off with fine vocal grotesquery from Eston Brown (ex-ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE). Second track “Prolonging the Inevitable” is another sick track. A cross between classic death metal and over the top crazy grindcore influences the song is brutal and complex. The mid-song seasick sounding riffs sound like they should come with a bloody meat cleaver jumping out of your speakers. More aggressive playing and adventurous riff choices highlight the track. “To Have Or To Be” continues the madness with insane amounts of blasting beats and more impressive, blood curdling screams and growls from Browne. The discordant, off-kilter axe work from Ammo has as much in common with death metals proggier cousins as it does the typical names in the genre like SUFFOCATIONIMMOLATION and even MALEVELET CREATION. “The False Enmity” has some brilliantly structured motifs and head-spinning changes. For a change-up the band turns in the ethereal instrumental “At The Temple of Everlasting Condemnation” (great name!) that features some deftly acoustic sounding guitars plucking away and drenched in delay effects. This gives way to the title track which is fittingly the best thing the band has ever done. If you are a fan of the most extreme styles of music, this band is definitely one on the rise you should check out.

RATING: 8 / 10
By: Keith “Keefy” Chachkes
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