Review: In Search of Sight – “Animism” (DIY)

IN SEARCH OF SIGHT from Fort Worth, TX has a new album coming out that is sure to set ears on fire. There are so many contenders for the “djent” throne and so little time to check them all out. This one however, is worth repeated listens.  After the opening salvo of “Revision” which sounds like an outtake for THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY the album begins in earnest with “Onuris”. The song is an instrumental gem of the highest order. Buzzsaw guitar riffs, shedding harmonized solos, complex meters and proggy twists and turns highlight the track. The urgency of the main riff can’t be denied as a face melter right from the play book of MESSHUGAH, but still sounding fairly original too. There are some interesting bass harmonics in the track as well that caught my attention. Next comes “Animism” which has nods to BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME and newer bands like TESSERACT. Vocalist Danbo has a gorgeous melodic voice reminiscent of Tommy Rogers and his guttural low screams are excellent as well. Guitarists Dustin and Russell blast out crazy amounts of riffs and plenty of shred guitar orgy-style goodness to sink your teeth into. Nolan on the drums again impresses with his laid back approach, his technical skills and his trigger heavy sound. The atmospheric ending of the track amazed me and bring to my mind a band like CYNIC or ATHEIST as well.  “Emotional Insight” is another killer track with over the top playing and writing. The track is brutally heavy, angular and complex. More great vocals by Danbo and the deft work by bassist Brian are big pluses. The song also has a brief, but sick guitar solo. In a possible nod to their hometown heroes PANTERA, the song has a tremendous groove factor too. The final track “Completion” is a fine piece of over the top prog revelry. It proves these guys are not content to join the musical movement that may just be a fad, but push forward and lead to a new place beyond this realm. I’ll be interested to hear a full length from them soon.

RATING: 9 / 10
By: Keith “Keefy” Chachkes
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