Review: Dysentery – “Internal Devastation” (Comatose Music)

If you’re a part of the New England metal scene, and you have never heard Dysentery before, then you have made it very clear that you are not really a part of the New England metal scene and should probably get the fuck out before you get smited. This is real death metal, not your washed up, swaying hair and girl pants wearing death core that today’s youth seems to think is considered death metal, and for Dysentery, this is easily their heaviest, strongest work yet.

When I first purchased the CD (that’s right, I said purchased, which is what all of you fuckers should do) I was definitely impressed by the clean appearance of the artwork, and thought to myself Wow, this is pretty damn cool. I then removed the packaging and saw the actual artwork, and was blown away, as with just about every album Mark Richards designs.

When you pop this into your cd player (or select it on your iPod, that is saying that you bought it from iTunes or something) they really do not give you a chance to warm up and get ready for what you’re going to be hearing. They immediately burst into some ridiculously heavy slamming, which is clearly what Dysentery is all about. Their last effort From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh (2008, Amputated Vein) was a solid, fucking heavy album in its own, but you can tell right from the start on Internal Devastation that the band has matured in every way, and this time, they mean fucking business, and that business is to slap you in the face with a fucking spiked baseball bat and watch you bleed out (and this album would be provide the perfect music for such an event). The production is very clear, but not overdone, which gives it a real classic, brutal feel that is what death metal is all about. What really caught my attention, aside from wondering how vocalist Will Caruso achieves such deliciously low gutturals, was that along with such powerful songs as “Beyond Light, Amongst the Shadows,” “From Creation to Dust,” and my favorite “Pernicious Passing,” they brought back some classic songs, like “Devourer of the Dead,” “Decimation of Fear,” and “Bound by Disease” to close the album, all still retaining their beautifully slamming, blast beat filled rage and overall power they originally had, but with that intriguing, in-your-face sound that this album has produced. Open up the book, and what you’ll find is some of the most powerful lyricism there is, not only in terms of death metal, but poetry in general, and it’s very clear that there have been some gut wrenching, emotional moments that occurred to make such a statement, and Will has no fear of holding back.

An overall solid effort and a job very well done by Dysentery, this is not your closet-case of a step-sons Bring Me The Horizon 12” record he scored on Ebay for the price of sucking off some dude behind the dumpster. This is death metal for the true, death metal for the proper fitting clothes, death metal that will one day be considered the elite of its time. I highly recommend buying this and blasting it on 11, then catching these guys at a show to see them in action. If it doesn’t make you want to slay babies, it will at least make you want to beat the shit out of everyone around you in a frenzy of delicious slammy goodness. Enjoy!

RATING: 10 / 10
By: Greg Mann
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