Review: Sourvein – “Black Fangs” (Candlelight Records)

SOURVEIN’S last full-length album came out in 2003, so Black Fangs has been released with a high degree of anticipation leading up to it. Along the way, SOURVEIN has done several splits and EPs to keep their listeners… well, listening, but no opportunity to present something truly demolishing has been granted to them until now. SOURVEIN formed in Cape Fear, North Carolina (as if you could form your band in a town more heavier than that) back in 1993, and with that they wield a double edge sword: big fucking clout, but that they need to keep up among fresh audiences and newcomers to the rapidly evolving sludge metal scene. Unfortunately Black Fangs doesn’t deliver anything ground breaking or exceptional. Although they certainly have remained true to the crushing roots of the swamps that spawned their nasty heavy style of crust punk infused groove metal, they have done nothing to separate themselves from legendary acts like EYEHATEGOD and CROWBAR, and those are two bands that no one will ever overshadow by copying their own breed of music.

RATING: 5.5 / 10
By: Nicholas Pendergast
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