Review: The Kennedy Veil – “The Sentence of Their Conqueror” (DIY)

The flavor du jour of metal recently has been either the ever growing “djent” sub-genre or last years’ hotness techie-death metal. Both styles have a lot in common and in my opinion still a lot to give in terms of new music and groundbreaking acts. The technical proggy death stuff is demanding to play, but new bands seem to rising up to meet the challenge daily. One such band THE KENNEDY VEIL has new album out and is sure to win fans with their musical skills and over the top brutality.

After a brief intro the blistering title track kicks in and just slays. Torrents of riffs and beats assault your ears. Over the top tempos and impressive song craft come into play, all topped off with Cody Walker’s sick vocals. The first song is under three minutes, but goes on a mini-musical journey that will take your mind places. Second track “Isolated: The Travesty of the Cleansing” is more of the same stunning fretboard acrobatics and beyond belief drumming. Gabe Seeber is simply off the chain as a drummer with lighting fast fills and sick double kick work. This song changes things up even more than before and has some cool off-time parts and enough prog-ness to make a nerd reach for his protractor. Third cut “Process of Cerebral Enslavement”  shows the band has as much in common with ORIGIN and BRAINDRILL as they do SUFFOCATION and CEPHALIC CARNAGE. The song is just relentless! Guitarist Casey Childers has an array of fine techniques and tricks up his sleeve, but never loses the main idea or does anything to take away from a riff. “Genesis Lamentations” is top track. These guys predominantly have one speed and that speed is ridiculous. I doubt they would ever stoop low enough to toss in a breakdown or a soft, pastoral part at all. “We Are Nothing” is probably my favorite track in terms of encompassing their entire style and boiling it down to a few minutes. The only flaw on The Sentence of Their Conqueror is the entire album is so short and to the point that it’s over before you know it. On the other hand the band is mature enough to not have any fat on the tracks in the way of redundant riffs and parts. Most importantly, they know the song is the thing and not how well you can play in spite of their prodigious talents.

RATING: 8.5 / 10
By: Keith “Keefy” Chachkes
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